What is personal information

Personal information under this privacy policy is the customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. offered by the customer for the service of the Web site managed by Torinosuke, one of which It means information that allows you to identify individuals by combining multiple.

Content of personal information and purpose of use

In Torinosuke, in order to provide better service to customers, we may provide your personal information to the extent necessary for questionnaire, application for gift , e-mail delivery, inquiries etc.

In case of offering, we will limit it as much as possible. We will contact you in advance if we need to use your personal information beyond the scope of purpose stated when you provide personal information. If you do not agree with a new purpose, you can refuse such use at your own discretion.

Safety of collecting personal information

Personal information from registrants who transmit on the Internet protects confidentiality by SSL technology.

Handling of personal information collection

The collected personal information is in conformity with Article 51 of the Occupation Security Law (strict observance of confidentiality) and the Personal Information Protection Law, it is confidential, and there is no unauthorized access to personal information, its loss, leakage, tampering etc, so we have a thorough information management system throughout the organization.

Inquiries about personal information

If you feel a doubt about the handling of personal information, dissatisfaction, etc.
Please contact us at
We will solve problems promptly.