Roasting domestic chicken and boiling it with aromatic vegetables, "Torinosuke" serves a ramen with bold and thick soup which has a dinsinctive aroma.

We take one day to prepare raw ingredients and spend another day to boil them to get their extracts.

Through this process, we can produce our tasty soup with the maximum umami of chicken.
Enjoy the authentic taste.

ramen ramen
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    Torinosuke's commitment

    Special toripaitan soup available only at Torinosuke

    Inimitable soup at Torinosuke is "Ultimate toripaitan soup" which has super-rich chicken umami and a lot of collagen.

  • Torinosuke's commitment

    Elaborately prepared soup boiled for 10 hours

    We proudly serve our chicken broth made from roasted chicken, its bones and aromatic vegetables which are carefully simmered for 10 hours and are skimmed the scum off.

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    Torinosuke's commitment

    The best tori shoyu ramen with the maximum flavor and aroma of its ingredients

    Our toripaitan soup is made from the right mix of chicken and chicken bones and is finely prepared at the each step of process.Once this umami-rich soup is put together with aromatic soy sauce, the best tori-shoyu ramen is created.